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August 28th, 2006 by LiteSpeed Web Server , Performance Comments Off on Intro Blog….

We here at LiteSpeed feels like it’s about time for a company blog where we can muse about internal/external affairs and add give us another way to reach out to our growing community.

The blog is hosted on Typo, one of the most rounded Ruby on Rails application. Though php-based WordPress is a favorite of ours and we have a great relationship with them, we really wanted a Rails platform for this blog.

Just a few days ago we released a very important 2.2 release of our core product, the LiteSpeed Web Server. Quite a bit of work was put into the 2.2 release by everyone on the team and especially George, the company founder and lead developer.

With LiteSpeed Web Server 2.2, Ruby on Rails has never been easier. It’s just a matter of a few clicks within our web admin gui to setup your first full-production ready Rails app.

[Easy Rails Wiki How-To]( )

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