Azureus/Zudeo and LiteSpeed

December 4th, 2006 by Company News Comments Off on Azureus/Zudeo and LiteSpeed

A new and soon to be released product from LiteSpeed is part of the networking/application foundation for Zudeo. Azureus, the maker of the popular p2p file sharing client has officially lunched their attack on YouTube with Zudeo.

Check out the announcement coverage here:


On behalf of everyone at LiteSpeed, we wish the best for Zudeo.

If you are curious at what new LiteSpeed product Zudeo is using, please stay tuned. What we can say right now is that LiteSpeed is not just a web “server” company a full web “platform” company. Our new product will address the scalable needs for all web 2.0 startups at a decisive price-point that will turn heads.

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