Using LiteSpeed Web Server for Shared Hosting Environment

LiteSpeed 3.0 release offer full compatibilities with commonly used web hosting control panels like cPanel, DirectAdmin and Plesk, etc.

We expect LiteSpeed will at least double the server capacity and reduce server load by 5-10 times when Apache was replace, just because of LiteSpeed’s high performance .htaccess implementation alone.

Hosting companies start to take advantage of this now.

[](, they even put up a press release [here](

Also, []( starts to deploy LiteSpeed Web Server on their shared hosting servers with cPanel.

The feedbacks we got are all positive, pages get loaded faster, reduced memory usage and server load.

One of the feedback we got from one customer of, 30 minutes after the switch, the customer called eleven2, saying “What the crap, our site like a million times faster now!”, that’s a pretty large vBulletin forum. 🙂

We expect to hear a lot more feedbacks like this. 😎

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