PHP LSAPI 6.2 Is Out, Too

PHP LSAPI 6.2’s new features should lead to improved memory usage.

PHP LSAPI 6.2 has three important updates:

  • Added the ability for the suEXEC daemon to kill runaway child processes.
  • Speeded up recycling of child processes for better memory usage.
  • Changed process naming, allowed for shorter process names.

The last two upgrades are self-explanatory: process names no longer include the whole path, which should make it easier to sift through your top -c commands; child processes get recycled faster, which means less memory wasted.

The first feature, though, bears a short explanation:

The daemon can kill runaway child processes:┬áThat sounds just horrible, but it’s completely necessary. Until now, the PHP suEXEC daemon was powerless when a process failed to stop. Now the daemon waits a moment for each process to stop on its own and sends a kill signal to processes that don’t stop automatically.

We hope you enjoy the newer, more efficient PHP LSAPI. Remember that LSAPI works with any LiteSpeed version or type, including OpenLiteSpeed. We’re always interested in feedback, so let us know what you’d like to see in the next version. Thank you for choosing LiteSpeed!

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