4.2.3 Is Now Stable, But You Can Still Download Old Versions If You Really Want

Thank you to the advance guard who tried out 4.2.3 in the first week. We are now happy to announce that 4.2.3 is stable and we are adding it to our AutoUpdater. You should have gotten an email asking you to update.

Some of you may also have noticed that there is no longer any link to 4.1.13 on our downloads page. With the stabilization of 4.2.3, we now believe there is almost no reason to download previous versions. (In fact, it could be a security risk to do so.)

But there are some special situations where it may be necessary to download an older version. (A user who has an owned license but doesn’t want to pay for the yearly upgrade package is a good example.) At the moment, though the links are not published on the site, we still have the packages for 4.1.13 and 4.2.2 on the server. If you find yourself needing an old version of LSWS, you can always download it by using one of the following links (customized to the version you want, of course):










Happy LiteSpeeding!

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