Atomicorp Announces LiteSpeed Support for ModSecurity Rules

March 21st, 2014 by Security 0 Comments

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Atomicorp, developer’s of the Internet’s most trusted ModSecurity rules, has announced official support for LiteSpeed Web Server with their Realtime ModSecurity Rules.

LiteSpeed Technologies and Atomicorp have been working together recently to assess and improve the usability of Atomicorp’s ModSecurity rules with LSWS. Atomicorp and LiteSpeed are now proud to say that Atomicorp officially supports LSWS with their Realtime ModSecurity Rules (also known as the GotRoot ModSecurity Rules).

Purchase the Atomicorp Realtime ModSecurity Rules. (Or try a free trial.)

The Internet’s Most Trusted ModSecurity Rules

We at LiteSpeed are extremely excited to be partnered with Atomicorp. The Atomicorp Realtime ModSecurity Rules are a titan in the industry:

  • Trusted by more users than all other commercial ModSecurity rule sets combined
  • Developed and maintained by the industry’s most experienced ModSecurity experts
  • Optimized for speed, memory usage, high detection rate, and low false positives
  • Updated on a immediate and continuous basis
  • Proprietary technology minimizes false positives/negatives and update time
  • Thoroughly tested with thousands of the most popular web applications
  • Over 25,000 rules and counting!

Only the First Step

While Atomic Secured Linux is fully compatible with LiteSpeed use, there are still some areas where compatibility between Atomicorp’s Realtime ModSecurity Rules and LiteSpeed Web Server can be improved. LiteSpeed and Atomicorp are serious about addressing these areas, and Atomicorp has helped us isolate which areas are vital and which can be postponed. This partnership will help LiteSpeed security improve even faster and more efficiently.

We look forward to further collaboration and better “security for everyone”.


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