Attention Plesk Users: PHP for LiteSpeed Now Available in Remi Repo

August 22nd, 2014 by Performance 2 Comments

Remi Repository banner With the release of PHP 5.4.32 and 5.5.16, PHP with LiteSpeed SAPI is now available in Les RPM de Remi (aka Remi Repository).

Easy PHP

Having PHP for LiteSpeed available in RPM form makes it faster and easier to get PHP with the options that you need. This is especially important for Plesk users, who are used to getting PHP from repositories and may not have all the dependencies necessary to build PHP in LSWS’s WebAdmin console. (cPanel and DirectAdmin both build PHP from source, so, while it may take a few minutes, LSWS has no problems creating a PHP build to match Apache’s PHP.) Remi Repo is one of the most popular repositories for Plesk users looking for custom PHP options.

This wiki for installing PHP for LiteSpeed from the Remi Repo covers installing and using Remi Repo with Plesk.

We’d also like to take this chance to send a big thank you to Remi for adding us into his repository so quickly. You’re a gem, Remi!

LiteSpeed PHP Repository Improvements Coming Soon

We are actually in the process of revamping our own PHP repository. We’re bringing it up to date and adding more options, including functionality that even Remi Repo doesn’t have. Most notably, our repository will use Software Collections to allow for multiple versions of PHP simultaneously.

LSWS + Plesk = Easier than Ever

Have you tried LiteSpeed Web Server on your Plesk installations? With our Plesk Extension and PHP now available for download from Remi Repo, switching a Plesk server to LSWS takes only a few minutes. Use our installation guide to test it now with a free trial license.


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