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September 17th, 2014 by LiteSpeed Web Server 2 Comments

Support PartnersWe often receive requests for hands-on LiteSpeed server management. This is why, over the last year, we’ve added official support partners.

LiteSpeed Support Partners Page

We keep our own support service tightly focused on LiteSpeed Web Server. These companies can handle your entire server, from LSWS, to web applications, to databases. We trust them. We believe you can too.

How We Choose LiteSpeed Support Partners

We choose companies we know have both a long history with LiteSpeed Web Server and also a vast array of generic Linux server management experience. Some of these companies were recommended by other partners or customers, some we know of through their activity in the community, some are just longtime users.

Our current support partners are:

These companies offer a range of specialties (Rack911, for example, is known for their security work), as well as different localities (Remsys is located in Moldova, BobCares in India). All are trusted sysadmins and technical support providers.

New Partners Welcome

We’re always looking for new support partners, though we can be rather picky. We’d like to see a proven history of working with LiteSpeed as well as a good reputation in the Linux server community. If your company is interested in becoming a support partner, please contact our sales department.


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