Trac SCM How-to and Upgraded Live Demos

August 30th, 2006 by LiteSpeed Web Server Comments Off on Trac SCM How-to and Upgraded Live Demos

[Trac]( SCM/Project Management software is one of the most popular Python-based application available today. Many open-source projects are hosting their developement source, bug tracker, and wiki all using a single Trac install. It goes to show how much feature has been crammed into Trac and how well integrated it is with its sub-features.

Frankly, it’s pretty amazing to see how many Trac users there are currently. A year ago, I saw a few Trac installations. Today, it would be strange not to see a Trac install for every 5 software project I come accross.

I just posted a new Trac SCM + FastCGI + LiteSpeed how-to for all the Trac lovers out there and to also illustrate how easy it is to integrate any FastCGI application with LiteSpeed. Trac SCM has been added to our live demos.

Lastly, I have also updated many of the configuration for our LiteSpeed [Live Demos]( The configurations have been simplified/streamlined, when applicable, so new users get a sense of the shortest-way possible of integrating their their apps with LiteSpeed web server.

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