LiteSpeed Web Server 3.0 Beta

November 21st, 2006 by LiteSpeed Web Server Comments Off on LiteSpeed Web Server 3.0 Beta

In tune to our mantra of releasing often and releasing early, here at LiteSpeed we are happy to announce the public beta of our Web Server 3.0 product.

With 3.0 comes major improvements:

*Request Filtering*: compatible with SecFilterSelective directives of mod_security. Our enterprise users have requested this feature and as always, we listen to our customers. You can filtering incoming request data and even inspect the full request body. Security is the heart of any serious web-facing deployment and LiteSpeed is here to cater to the most demanding users.

*IP to GeoLocation* support: full support of all [MaxMind’s]( free/commercial GeoIP database products. If you are running an ad server, this feature is indispensable. Select “memory cache” within settings and LiteSpeed will cache IP to Geo lookups to maximize performance and several magnitudes faster than if you have to do it dynamically via an script such as PHP/Ruby.

Revamped Web GUI/Console: we decided it was time to refresh our web administrative interface to improve both Ease Of Use, and performance which now supports up to over 1000+ virtual hosts on a single instance. This is only the foundation of what is to come. Our goal is to have the perfect blend of Ease of Use and Technology. Too many hours are wasted on inefficient interfaces.

64bit support: self-explanatory. LiteSpeed is already extremely memory efficient so going to 64bit has little to do with memory usage but to future proof our product. Within the next 6 months, main-stream 32bit server level CPUs will no longer exist in the market. We will obviously continue our 32bit product line for the millions of 32bit server users out there.

We have also enabled sendfile() support for Standard Edition users.

Test drive 3.0 today and send us your feedbacks!

[More info/download: LiteSpeed Web Server 3.0beta](

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