Auto-Installer: Automate LiteSpeed Installation for cPanel/WHM

November 5th, 2013 by LiteSpeed Web Server Comments Off on Auto-Installer: Automate LiteSpeed Installation for cPanel/WHM

Our new auto-installer allows you to install LiteSpeed Web Server and our cPanel/WHM plugin with one script from the command line. This should make it much easier and convenient for hosts to deploy new LSWS/cPanel installations.

The auto-installer is pretty self-explanatory: One script and you’ve got LiteSpeed Web Server installed and set up with WHM (including having PHP with LSAPI built and ready for the new LiteSpeed installation). Just add this script to your automation script after EasyApache ( /scripts/easyapache --build ) and you’ll have LiteSpeed ready to go on your new cPanel setup. The script can be run with a number of different parameters — one of which can automatically request and install a trial license for users who just want to try out LiteSpeed. A rundown of parameters is included with the script and will soon be added to our wiki/site.

The auto-installer requires an existing cPanel/Apache installation with EasyApache already run to build PHP properly. The auto-installer also does not automatically replace Apache, giving you the chance to test new installations before switching. Once you have installed LSWS, you can replace Apache with one click from the WHM plugin.

The script can be downloaded from the control panel plugins download page on our site.

Now we’re working on even further automating LiteSpeed ordering, billing, and installation. We look forward to your feedback.

LiteSpeed keeps getting faster!


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