LSWS 5.0 RC3 Released: HTTP/2 Support and Improved ESI Caching

LiteSpeed has just released LiteSpeed Web Server 5.0 RC3. This latest iteration contains some exciting features, including HTTP/2 support and improved ESI support (for page caching with hole-punching). Most importantly, though, it is very stable. Anyone who’s interested in ESI, SPDY, HTTP/2, or WebSocket proxy support should try out RC3.


The biggest draw for LSWS 5.0 is ESI support for LSCache. This will allow site owners to designate certain parts of a page as uncacheable (AKA “punch holes” in the page) but still cache the remaining cacheable parts. Caching parts of pages will allow site owners to cache much, much more of their content. Effective ESI improvement will greatly cut resource usage and speed up many sites (which is why we’ve been talking about it so much).

Hole-punching especially helps e-commerce, where things like the shopping cart cannot be cached, but appear on almost every page. For e-commerce sites, ESI is a crucial step in allowing effective use of page caching. To help meet this need, we will also be releasing a Magento caching extension soon. More details on this extension coming soon.


As we announced for our recent OpenLiteSpeed releases, LiteSpeed is working hard to be the first major web server to support HTTP/2. HTTP/2 contains a number of features that will improve Internet performance. LSWS 5.0 RC3 includes support for HTTP/2 drafts 14-17. We’re well on our way to bringing HTTP/2 support to LSWS Enterprise.

More Stability

This is the most stable version of LiteSpeed Web Server 5.0 yet. It will still be going through more testing, but we are quite confident that it is safe for use. In fact, we already have some users using 5.0 RC2 on production servers with good results. So, intrepid LiteSpeeders, try out LSWS 5.0 RC3. The more people that try it out, the faster we’ll get to the official release.

Download LSWS 5.0 RC3 now.


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