LiteMage 2 for Magento 2

In a previous blog post, we briefly discussed the release of LiteMage 2 for Magento 2 and its improvements over Varnish and Magento 2’s built-in PageCache module. Today, I’d like to elaborate on a few of those improvements.

Simplifying Your Stack

The above diagram is a comparison of the basic setup for Magento using Nginx + Varnish and LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS) + LiteMage Cache. You can clearly see that with just the basics on both sides, your Magento stack’s complexity is halved when you switch from Nginx + Varnish to LSWS + LiteMage. As is also mentioned above, flush instructions cause extra overhead by design in Nginx + Varnish while LSWS + LiteMage include the flush instruction in the same response header, meaning no extra cost when flushing the cache.


We’ve received a very positive response to LiteMage 2. This is, in part, because LiteMage 2 completely replaces Varnish, supports the same configuration for publicly cached items, and improves on Varnish’s performance.

LiteSpeed + LiteMage outperforms Nginx + Varnish:

  • reducing server load,
  • cutting CPU Usage,
  • and running more transactions per second.

We also have plans to further improve upon Magento 2’s performance, providing an even bigger performance gain when compared to Varnish.


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