A Message from Our Friends at InterServer

April 10th, 2013 by LiteSpeed Web Server Comments Off on A Message from Our Friends at InterServer

InterServer recently posted a piece on their blog detailing our long history together. We’re neighbors in New Jersey and have been working together for a number of years. We especially appreciate their enumeration of how LiteSpeed Web Server helps customers of different sizes:

“Large websites with heavy loads appreciate the fact that they can get the increased performance they require through this affordable software based solution rather than purchasing expensive new hardware.  Many of our smaller clients have found that because they often get the bulk of their traffic in short bursts of time the LiteSpeed services are a great way to keep their site loading smoothly without having to pay the higher rates of a dedicated server.”

This is exactly what LiteSpeed is shooting for — a flexible, easy-to-implement server that can handle traffic spikes and obviate the need for more hardware. Thank you very much, guys. We’re very happy to be your neighbors and partners. We look forward to many more years of mutual growth.

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