New: XenForo Addon for LiteSpeed Cache

January 7th, 2014 by LSCache Comments Off on New: XenForo Addon for LiteSpeed Cache

LiteSpeed Cache XenForo Addon Load Graph

The XenForo community developers have released an addon for easy integration with LiteSpeed Cache. The addon helps LiteSpeed Cache cut resource consumption and increase XenForo performance.

Download the XenForo LiteSpeed Cache addon.

Caching for Guest Users, Not for Logged In Users

Guest users often form a very large part of a forum’s queries/load and their traffic is very susceptible to caching. By serving cached pages to guest users, XenForo and LiteSpeed are able to quickly cut resource usage. The addon sets pages to be saved in cache for only 60 seconds, though, to still give the appearance of live pages. Logged in users are not subject to caching and don’t lose any functionality. Updates have also been made as testing progresses to make sure guest users are never treated as logged in users.

Dramatically Cuts Load

The load graph at the top of this post shows XenForo sysadmin Slavik testing the LiteSpeed Cache addon on a very active (3000 online users) forum. Generally, about half of the users on this forum are guests. Notice how the load drops by about half when he enables it midnight Saturday. (The server has 32 cores.) Decrease load will lead to increased stability and performance.

XenForo (and their community) welcomes any feedback you have. Please post it to the addon’s discussion thread.

2014: The Year of Partnerships

We are very thankful to the XenForo community (especially Slavik and ExtraLicense) for developing this plugin. We’re making increased compatibility and performance for LiteSpeed Web Server and web applications one of this year’s focuses. What other features would you like to see? With which web applications?


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