New LiteSpeed Reseller Addon for WHMCS Allows for Easy Integration

January 27th, 2014 by LiteSpeed Web Server Comments Off on New LiteSpeed Reseller Addon for WHMCS Allows for Easy Integration

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LiteSpeed has just released a free addon for WHMCS that allows resellers to integrate WHMCS with their LiteSpeed account and LiteSpeed’s licensing system. This allows vendors to resell and keep track of LiteSpeed licenses more easily.

What the Addon Does

The addon, quite simply, uses hooks to allow your WHMCS installation to communicate directly with our licensing server. This means that customers’ actions will be reflected in your LiteSpeed account. If a customer orders, upgrades/downgrades,or cancels a license, these actions are performed in your LiteSpeed account.

The addon also allows you, the reseller, to control your LiteSpeed licenses directly from the admin area of your WHMCS installation. You can:

  • Sell licenses as an addon to other services or as standalone products
  • View all your LiteSpeed licenses in one place
  • Suspend, release, and cancel licenses
  • Search licenses by a number of criteria
  • View and search addon module activity

Get the Addon

You can download the addon for free from WHMCS’s app store. To use the addon, though, you will need a reseller access code. Send us an email or open a ticket and we’ll assign you one.

Full documentation is included in the addon download.

Give Us Feedback

This is the first version of the WHMCS addon, so if you’ve got any feedback — feature requests, bugs, complaints with how the addon is set up, documentation you need, questions about our reseller/partner program — please let us know! You can get in touch with us on the addon’s WHMCS forum thread or by email or by commenting on this post. Look forward to hearing from you!


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