OpenLiteSpeed 1.3 Adds API to Integrate Third Party Modules

March 28th, 2014 by LSCache , OpenLiteSpeed 8 Comments


OpenLiteSpeed 1.3 introduces a major advance for LiteSpeed Web Server: an API to support third party modules.

The new LiteSpeed Internal Application Programming Interface (LSIAPI) allows third party developers to develop modules that expand OpenLiteSpeed’s functionality without so much as looking at OpenLiteSpeed’s source code. This opens a whole new world of possibility for OpenLiteSpeed (and LSWS Enterprise, in the future), allowing far more developers to work on improving and expanding functionality.

And, as with all aspects of OpenLiteSpeed, the modules are also easy for users to set up.

Using Modules

Using modules is exceptionally easy through the WebAdmin console. It only takes a few steps with a minimum of command line usage. You do not need to be an experienced sysadmin to add functionality to OpenLiteSpeed. Check out the documentation.

Page Caching Module

The first module we’re releasing is the OpenLiteSpeed cache module. The OpenLiteSpeed cache module features powerful page caching, allowing you to cut page load time for your web applications. This page caching is also integrated with OpenLiteSpeed for seamless performance and easy set up, eliminating extra layers that become sources of confusion and incompatibility in other cache solutions. Our documentation takes you through the set up and configuration process in a few simple steps (with pictures).

LSIAPI Documentation

LSIAPI provides a powerful and flexible framework for adding almost limitless functionality to OpenLiteSpeed. Full documentation for developing modules using LSIAPI will be available online soon and will detail the inner-workings of the API and how to integrate modules.

Use with LSWS Enterprise

We are introducing the API with OpenLiteSpeed to start, but we plan to integrate it into LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise soon. This development process will follow a path similar to that of our SPDY support — in OpenLiteSpeed first, then moved to Enterprise when we’re more satisfied with its stability. We plan to integrate LSIAPI support in with LSWS 5.0 before its final release.



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