Announcing New Licensing Options

New Licenses for LiteSpeed Web Server

One of the exciting new developments to come out of the release of LiteSpeed Web Server 5.3, is a revision to our license structure. We think you will like these new changes.

Effective immediately:

  1. All licenses will have new names and clearer branding
  2. LSCache is included by default in all licenses
  3. We’ve added a new FREE Starter license and new Site Owner licenses

Revised License Structure

We know that choosing a license in the past may have been complicated, so we’ve added a few new licenses for LiteSpeed Web Server, and retired a few others, in order to simplify our offerings. All licenses now fall under one of three categories: Starter, Site Owner and Web Host.

Site Owner licenses are geared toward single websites (5 domains or less) and are available at price points that are affordable for individuals.

Web Host licenses allow unlimited domains, and most of them also allow unlimited memory. Price varies based on the number of workers you require. If you previously had a VPS license, you will find one of the Web Host licenses to be comparable..

We’ll talk about the Starter license in more detail below.

The brand new licenses (those that are not based on a previously-existing license) require LiteSpeed Web Server v5.3, so be sure to update your server to the latest version before trying to buy/upgrade to one of the new licenses!

LSCache Included With Every License

All of the licenses now come with LSCache, our exclusive server-level full-page caching module, no add-on required. LSCache can make a huge difference in terms of server resources. Hosting providers who have enabled LSCache have seen their server capacity increase dramatically, allowing them to host more customers on the same hardware.

Site owners like LSCache because it can interface with a variety of popular web apps through our plugins. Or they can customize it for their own applications through rewrite rules. An LSCache-powered web app is a fast web app.

Please note that while LSCache is now included with the license, the LiteMage cache solution for Magento is still only available through a separate add-on purchase.

FREE Starter License

And now for something 100% free! One of our newly-introduced licenses is the Starter License. This is a single-domain, 2GB license with 1 worker, and LSCache included. It’s a great option for site owners who have simple needs, or for those who want to try LiteSpeed Web Server for an extended period on a single site before committing to a more robust Site Owner license.

Here’s a handy chart to help you compare the new licenses and choose the one that’s right for you.

LicenseDomain Limit*WorkersRAM LimitMonthly PriceCompare to
Starter112 GBFREEn/a
Site Owner518 GB$10n/a
Site Owner Plus51Unlimited$16n/a
Web Host LiteUnlimited18 GB$26UltraVPS + LSCache
without platform restriction or 800 concurrent connection limit
Web Host EssentialUnlimited1Unlimited$361-CPU + LSCache
with lower price
Web Host ProfessionalUnlimited2Unlimited$462-CPU License
Web Host EnterpriseUnlimited4Unlimited$654-CPU License
Web Host EliteUnlimitedConfigurableUnlimited$928-CPU License with ability to configure qty of workers

* Domain Limits apply to top-level domains only. There is no limit on subdomains.

Please note, all information is current as of this writing, but is subject to change. Please visit the store to see the latest pricing and features.

A Note for Site Owners

Depending on your comfort level, buying a license directly from LiteSpeed might not be the right choice for you. Once you have the license, you will need to procure hosting. You will need to install, configure, and maintain your server yourself, or hire staff to do it for you.

If you’re eager to become LiteSpeed-powered, but you don’t want to handle all of the details yourself, you might prefer LiteSpeed hosting. Take a look at our Hosting Provider Partners list. These companies offer a variety of services that include LiteSpeed Web Server and the hosting you need to use it. You can get a package that includes just the right amount of hands-on server configuration for your taste. In other words, you can have complete control, or you can let the provider handle everything for you.

A Few Notes for Web Hosts

Any existing licenses and packages that you have with us will not be affected by this change, with one exception. We have lowered the 1 CPU + LSCache license price from $38/month to $36/month to match the pricing of the new Web Host Essential license.

API and WHMCS reseller module users may begin offering the new licenses at any time. (Please note, the free Starter license is not available through the API.)

We encourage you to upgrade to the new licenses at your convenience. In order to aid in the transition, we will continue to list the old license types for the time being. You can find them listed in the Legacy LSWS Licenses category.


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