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LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for JTL Shop

Our friends at ecomDATA are here today, to share news of their new LiteSpeed Cache plugin for JTL Shop. This new plugin is available to all JTL Shop owners, regardless of what hosting company they use to host their shops. Without further ado, here is ecomDATA in their own words! -LC

Great news for JTL Shop owners: We are thrilled to introduce the LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for JTL Shop, exclusively available through ecomDATA. This plugin seamlessly integrates JTL stores with LiteSpeed Web Server’s superior ESI support, providing the ultimate caching solution for your online store. It significantly reduces server load and allows your JTL Shop to load up to 10 times faster!

About LiteSpeed Cache for JTL Shop

JTL Shop communicates with LiteSpeed Web Server and LiteSpeed Cache Plugin to save and serve static copies of dynamic web pages. This powerful combination significantly reduces your shop’s page-load time, enhancing the overall shopping experience for your customers.

As the content in your shop changes, LiteSpeed Cache Plugin offers the flexibility to accurately cache and purge every page. By utilizing Edge Side Includes (ESI), you can punch holes for personalized content on public pages. The static content that remains consistent across visitors is stored in the cache. When the next user accesses the same page, the cached content is promptly delivered, with only the holes needing to be filled in with data specific to that visitor.


Simple Installation Process

You can effortlessly obtain the plugin from the JTL Extension Store and install it with a single click. Afterward, activation is all that’s needed to complete the installation of the free version (guest mode only). For more advanced configurations, explore the features offered by LiteSpeed Cache PRO.

Reduced Server Load

The LiteSpeed Cache Plugin reduces server load, enabling you to efficiently serve a larger number of visitors using the same hardware.

Faster Page-Load Times

LiteSpeed Cache Plugin allows up to 10 times faster loading times for your JTL shop. With this plugin your store achieves an impressive Time To First Byte (TTFB) as low as 20ms, whereas other JTL shops typically range from 200-1500ms for this metric.

Enhanced SEO Ranking

Google favors shorter Time To First Byte (TTFB) intervals. Faster loading times not only lead to more content customers but also prolong their stay on your website. Consequently, a reduced TTFB can positively impact your Google ranking.

LiteSpeed Cache PRO Features

  • Both Public and Private Cache
  • Cache for Logged-in Users
  • Caching for Shopping Cart
  • Server-Level Full-Page Cache
  • Tag-Based Caching and Purge
  • Advanced Configurations and Template Mapping
  • Edge Side Includes (ESI)
  • Cache Blacklist
  • Built-in Crawler
  • Multiple Languages
  • Integrated into LSWS, OLS and Web ADC

Please note that this LiteSpeed Cache Plugin is designed for JTL Shop 5. The free version can be used with OpenLiteSpeed Web Server, the pro version requires LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server.

A more detailed description of LiteSpeed Cache Plugin can be found on our LiteSpeed Cache Page. Installation and configuration instructions can be found in our Installation Manual.

LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for JTL Shop

Our thanks to ecommDATA for sharing their story in this Showcase! Have you created a tool that LiteSpeed users may want to know about? Has your business experienced the LiteSpeed difference? If you would like to share your story with our readers, find me (@Lisa at Litespeed) on our Slack workspace, and we can discuss it. –LC


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