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Welcome to the LiteMage Showcase! This is a series of blog posts where we take a look at Magento site owners using LiteSpeed Web Server + LiteMage Cache and highlight how LiteMage has uniquely benefited them. This week we are featuring Sustainable Furniture, a business based in Cornwall England specializing in ethically and sustainably sourced furniture and accessories.


Store: Sustainable Furniture
Magento Version: 1.9.x
Store Config: Single Store w/ Single Currency
Number Of Products: 1,500
Avg Traffic: 35,000 unique visitors/month with 100,000 page views/month

Sustainable Furniture’s site has around 1,500 products with variations across 40 categories. They receive around 35,000 unique visitors/month and 100,000 page views/month. To accommodate this, Sustainable Furniture had tried everything to optimize their site. They were using Lesti_FPC to lower their server load — which made a big difference. They had also tried to implement Varnish Cache but had to give up due to complications during setup.

In addition to this, because of its image driven nature leading to larger page sizes, their store was also heavily optimized to deliver pages quickly. They implemented Magento’s flat table structure, extensively minified JavaScript and CSS, stripped out any unneeded JavaScript, deferred loading where possible, optimized JPG uploads, and used lossless compression on all site images to help keep page size down.

They also made use of CloudFlare’s Pro subscription to help keep the site secure while also offloading some of the burden on their server. CloudFlare caches and compresses the site even further before it reaches the customer.

Despite all of this, Sustainable Furniture would often have server load issues, forcing the server to stop serving pages in order to catch up to the high demand, costing them sales and customers.



  • Magento Cache + Lesti_FPC (Custom Settings)
  • Home Page: ~ 1.5-2 seconds
  • Category Pages: > 4 seconds
  • Avg Product Pages: ~ 4-5 seconds


  • LiteMage Cache (Default Settings)
  • Home Page: ~ 429 milliseconds 4x faster
  • Category Pages: ~ 782 milliseconds 5x faster
  • Heavy Product Page (2.6MB): < 1.91 seconds 2x faster


Sustainable Furniture implemented LiteMage Cache with default settings and immediately saw their page load times drop to at least half of what they were previously; often the improvement was much greater than that. They no longer experience load issues or dead patches and find the site is generally quicker and more responsive.
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