LiteSpeed Web Server 4.2.10: Proxy to HTTPS and Fixes License Issue

LSWS 4.2.10 contains a number of new features and bug fixes, but especially one important feature for cPanel compatibility and one very important bug fix:

Proxy to an HTTPS Backend

LSWS originally only supported proxying to a non-SSL backend. The thinking was that HTTPS creates extra overhead and, since LSWS will handle HTTPS on the frontend, why add unneeded overhead? For the most part, we still believe in this logic, but cPanel’s recent changes in their default settings have required that we take this on. cPanel users should now be able to access their proxy subdomains (like no matter how cPanel changes the code in the future.

License Issue in 4.2.9

Today we discovered an issue with LiteSpeed Web Server version 4.2.9 causing the running process to not update it’s expiration date, even when the latest invoice has been paid. (The expiration date will be updated if LSWS is restarted.) If LSWS is not restarted before the 8th, the process may believe that it has expired, even though the invoice was paid on time.

We are advising that LSWS 4.2.9 users make sure they either:

  1. Restart LSWS after they have paid their May invoice. (/usr/local/lsws/bin/lswsctrl restart or restart from the WebAdmin console or your control panel plugin.)
  2. Upgrade to LSWS 4.2.10: /usr/local/lsws/admin/misc/ -f -v 4.2.10

All LSWS 4.2.9 users should upgrade to version 4.2.10 in the near future so that they do not face this issue again next month.

Other Improvements

You can find short explanations of the other advances and fixes in the release log.


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