LiteSpeed Cache Now Available as Optional Add-on!

Due to popular demand, with the release of 4.2.8, we are now offering the very powerful LiteSpeed Cache as an optional add-on for VPS, Ultra VPS, and 1-CPU licenses.

LiteSpeed Cache (LSCache) is a high-performance and highly customizable page caching solution built into LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS). By working as part of the web server (instead of as an extra layer like nginx or Varnish), LSCache ensures smooth functionality, low overhead, and incredible page speeds. We’re even introducing ESI support in LSWS 5.0 to make your web applications fly.

Until now, LSCache was only available bundled with LiteSpeed Web Server licenses of 2-CPU or higher. Now, you can add it to any level of license for just an extra $6 per month. (It still comes bundled free with licenses of 2-CPU or higher.)

Existing users can add this add-on to their licenses. In your account, go to My Services > View Details > Management Actions > Upgrade/Downgrade Options. This update is compatible with releases 4.2.8 and up.

More Modules to Come

This is just the start of a new era for LiteSpeed Web Server. We will be releasing more and more modules so you can customize and improve your web service.

And it won’t be just us releasing modules. We will soon be releasing an API so that third-party developers can easily integrate add-ons for LiteSpeed Web Server. (The API will be released for OpenLiteSpeed first and then worked into the final LSWS 5.0 release.) This means more people building LiteSpeed functionality, which means more LSWS functionality.


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