We Went to HostingCon 09

August 28th, 2009 by Conferences Comments Off on We Went to HostingCon 09

This is a delayed post. Yes, we did go to Hostingcon in DC this year. We first attended it on 07 at Chicago, when LSWS 3.0 released. Last year, we didn’t make it. This year, since in DC so close, we drove down directly.

Because of the conference, we had to delay our 4.0.10 release for a few days. We did not join the last evening session and went back directly to continue working on those 503 errors. Finally, after serveral round of build and test run on end users’ environment, 4.0.10 seems quite stable for now. We feel a little bit relief.

It was great pleasure that we were able to meet some LiteSpeed users there, all are very sharp, young and energetic guys. It’s nice feeling to work together with smart users. Well, I have to say all LiteSpeed users are smart …, they know that by using LiteSpeed actually save a lot for them, not only on support, maintenance, but also worries and sleepless night.

National Harbor has very good facility, still under development. While in DC, most places will have a name with “national”. We did not go around this time, since most places in DC we are pretty familiar. We just went out dining once at a local Thai restaurant, which kind of compensated all other junk food meals. Talking about food, George like Thai food a lot, of course, the best one we like still Chinese food, not American Chinese food, but genuine Chinese food. That’s why we already got our tickets to “Just EAT” on Sept. 21 in NYC – International Chinese Culinary Competition. You can watch them cook and taste at same time. If anyone in metropolitan area like authentic Chinese food, come and join us for fun!

Back to work, we will finish up a few to-dos for 4.0.x, and then will fully focus on 4.1RC2 release. Yes, new features will be added for RC2, but I’ll leave that for later post.


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