OpenLiteSpeed 1st Web Server to Support SPDY/3.1!

November 26th, 2013 by OpenLiteSpeed Comments Off on OpenLiteSpeed 1st Web Server to Support SPDY/3.1!

With the release of version 1.2.7, OpenLiteSpeed has become the first publicly-available web server to support SPDY/3.1.

OpenLiteSpeed on the Bleeding Edge

Support for SPDY/3.1 puts OpenLiteSpeed on the bleeding edge of Internet development, right where it’s meant to be. It’s been only two months since SPDY/3.1 came out and no other publicly-available web server supports SPDY/3.1. (Google Web Server supports it, of course.)

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Browsers Removing SPDY/2 Support

Supporting SPDY/3 and up has become even more crucial because FireFox and Chrome have announced they will remove support for SPDY/2 in the beginning of 2014. While FireFox 27 and Chrome 32 support SPDY/2, 3, and 3.1, FireFox 28 and Chrome 33 will only support SPDY/3 and SPDY/3.1. SPDY is an experimental implementation whose intention is to inform the development of HTTP 2, the browsers’ developers have noted. Thus it is important to keep up with development so that more can be learned about new versions and so one version doesn’t become entrenched. Some popular web services, though, are now scrambling to keep up with the change in browser support.

SPDY Integration into LiteSpeed

Here at LiteSpeed, we’re happy to have the chance to show our devotion to innovation. One of the goals of OpenLiteSpeed is to allow us to quickly add experimental HTTP server features before incorporating them into our Enterprise Edition. LSWS Enterprise users should expect SPDY/3 and 3.1 support in LSWS 5.0, which we plan to release early next year.

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