OpenLiteSpeed 1.4.2: WebAdmin GUI Reimagined and PageSpeed Support!

October 3rd, 2014 by OpenLiteSpeed 5 Comments

OpenLiteSpeed 1.4.2 features a brand new GUI and a Chinese translation.

WebAdmin Reinvigorated

Our redesign of the WebAdmin console leverages the newest technology — Ajax, Bootstrap CSS, and HTML5 — to create a more fluid, responsive, and powerful GUI. Now you can monitor up to ten virtual hosts at once on separate tabs, watch a number of live graphs simultaneously, and interact more directly with files. You should notice quicker response from the pages and viewing is now optimized for any device. Plus, we think the new design looks a whole lot sharper. This new technology also opens the door for us to keep adding all kinds of functionality in the future.

PageSpeed Support

By popular demand, we’ve added a module to support Google’s PageSpeed. PageSpeed is a very easy to use add-on that improves web page latency and bandwidth usage using a variety of optimization techniques. (There is some controversy over whether these improvements come at the expense of RAM and CPU usage, though.)

To install the PageSpeed module, just follow the directions on our wiki. Configuration should simply follow the NGINX configuration syntax in Google’s PageSpeed documentation. As of this writing, the only PageSpeed feature we do not support is In-Place Resource Optimization. Google is still working with us on a way for us to implement this and we hope to support it in future OpenLiteSpeed versions. Users should also note that, like all features in 1.4.x, PageSpeed support is beta.

Improved Stability and Speed

For OpenLiteSpeed 1.4.2, we’ve done some pretty major code refactoring for LSIAPI. The simplified LSIAPI should be more stable than previous versions (as well as somewhat faster). It also allows users to see module priority in the WebAdmin console.

Chinese Translation

With 1.4.2, we’ve added multiple language support. You can change the language by selecting from a drop-down in the top of the WebAdmin. A partial (user contributed) Chinese translation (just the setting names) is included in OpenLiteSpeed 1.4.2. We plan to release more complete Chinese translations in the coming months. Our documentation infrastructure is not quite ready for easy uploads of new language packages, but if you’re interested in contributing a translation (or partial translation), please get in touch through the OpenLiteSpeed Development Group. We’re hoping to start adding many other languages soon.

We’re excited to get all this new functionality stable, so we encourage all users who can to try out OpenLiteSpeed 1.4.2. (At least check out the new look of the WebAdmin console.)


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