LiteSpeed Open-Sources QUIC Client

September 28th, 2017 by Company News 0 Comments

Open-Source QUIC Client

LiteSpeed Technologies is pleased to announce the release of the LiteSpeed QUIC Client Library under an open-source license. This library supports all of the QUIC versions released in the Chrome browser in the past year — v35, v37, and v39. Support for new QUIC versions, including the upcoming IETF standard, will be added in a timely manner.

The LSQUIC Client Library is a fully functional QUIC implementation in the C programming language. It has been tested on Linux, FreeBSD, and Mac OS. A working client program is included in the distribution.

We believe that LiteSpeed’sĀ Open-Source QUIC Client Library is free of major issues, for most of the QUIC code in it is already being used in our own products, LiteSpeed Web Server and Web ADC. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to report any bugs back to us.

Open-sourcing our QUIC code is a way for LiteSpeed to contribute back to the community and to facilitate the adoption of QUIC.

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