Notes from the Road: CloudFest 2018

Notes from the Road: CloudFest 2018

Last Monday, George, Jon, and I met up with Ruikai at the Frankfurt International Airport and headed for Europa-Park, to attend the CloudFest conference (previously known as the World Hosting Days). Europa-Park is situated in Rust, a southern German village on the banks of the river Elz, a tributary of Rhine.

CloudFest 2018: The River Elz

Because Rust is so small, it does not have a train station. CloudFest provides a shuttle bus service between Offenburg and Europa-Park. On the day of our arrival, it tooks us two attempts to board the bus, as the first coach could not fit all the people. We steeled our resolve to get onto the next transport and braved a warm rain under the unexpected rays of sunshine.

CloudFest 2018: Offenburg in the Rain

When we got to our destination, we went straight to the venue to set up our booth.

CloudFest 2018: Setting Up

The before and after: our isle on Monday afternoon when we were setting up and on Tuesday morning, the first day of the conference.

CloudFest 2018: The LiteSpeed Technologies Booth

CloudFest 2018: Meeting Clients and Potential Clients

It was good to meet with current clients, whom we love, and with prospective clients, whom we plan to love. We enjoy telling our story and help people solve their problems. We also took the opportunity to listen to our clients’ concerns and ideas. LiteSpeed wants to make your life easier — if there is something we can do, do tell us!

CloudFest 2018: LiteSpeed and cPanel

CloudFest 2018: LiteSpeed and Plesk

We were happy to catch up with our partners, cPanel and Plesk.

CloudFest 2018: Jon, Ruikai, Dmitri, and George

This has been a wonderful trip and this conference, as always, has been superbly organized. Our quartet — a system admin, a support specialist, a programmer, and the company owner — established yet another bond. We are a team; we are dedicated to moving the web forward.

On the penultimate day of the conference, we made a short excursion to Freiburg im Breisgau — a beautiful city a short train ride away from Rust. Stepping over its Bächle, I could not help but think about the people who first made these channels almost a thousand years ago: Did they know that their creation would survive empires and witness the technological revolution? In the end, we are like them: we, too, are craftsmen, making tools. It is only fitting that we would be at the CloudFest conference — or, to use a German word, a Fachmesse — a trade fair.

CloudFest 2018: Freiburg im Breisgau

We will miss you, CloudFest. Until next year!


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