Introducing Our Affiliate Program!

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LiteSpeed Affiliate Program

Hey, LiteSpeeders! We know that word-of-mouth and supportive customers are at the heart of our success. And with that in mind, we’d like to show our appreciation for your efforts, and at the same time encourage some of you more silent types to speak up. Share your LiteSpeed love with the world!

Introducing our new Affiliate Program

Here’s how it works: you spread the word about LiteSpeed Web Server, and we’ll share some of the revenue from any new customers you refer!


  • Earn 10% of the revenue from your referred new customer’s first order of licensed products.
  • Every month, continue to earn 10% of the revenue from those licenses for the life of the licenses!

So, let’s say you share your affiliate link with your friend, and she uses it to become a LiteSpeed customer and purchase $25-worth of monthly leased licenses. You earn $2.50 every single month until she cancels the license!

If she uses a coupon and only pays $20.00/month for the licenses, then you earn $2.00/month.

If she downgrades to a $10/month license, you start earning $1.00/month.

Maybe she upgrades to a more expensive license and starts paying $35/month. That’s good news for you, because your monthly payout changes to $3.50..

Let’s say your friend is the indecisive type, and doesn’t purchase a license right away. It’s ok, because as long as she becomes a customer and buys a licensed product within 45 days, you still get a commission.

Commissions are kept in “pending” status for 90 days. If, after 90 days, the licenses you referred are still active, you earn your commission. Once your balance reaches $50, you can request to have it applied to your LiteSpeed account as a credit, and use it to pay for your own licenses. Or, if you prefer cash, you can withdraw your earnings to your PayPal account, once the balance reaches $100.

Signing up is Fast and Free

Visit our website to get all of the details, read the Terms of Service, and click any of the Join Now buttons. You can create a LiteSpeed account if you don’t already have one, apply for the Affiliate Program, and be instantly approved. There’s no waiting around!

Once you’re in, you can use the banners and text links we provide with your unique affiliate code. Share your links on your blog or on social media. Write an in-depth review, or just a quick, “hey, check this out!” kind of post. It’s up to you.

After that, you can start monitoring how you’re doing. Drop by the Affiliate dashboard in your LiteSpeed account to check clicks, signups, your conversion rate, payouts and your referrals all in one place.

Thank you for your enthusiasm, and thank you for sharing LiteSpeed with your social networks!

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